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»Clervaux Region«

The medieval town of Clervaux is well-known beyond the borders of the Grand Duchy. Nestled in a gorgeous green countryside (Our Nature Park) and the central location in the Ardennes, makes Clervaux to the tourist center of Luxembourg North.

Cycling, mountain biking or hiking. Visit the attractions of the region. Many cultural sights can also be found nearby.

LuxembourgThe city of Luxembourg (distance from the hotel 62km), with its shopping and sightseeing opportunities, is worth a day trip.



Distance from hotel: 0.3 km
An Unesco Memory of the World exhibition - The photographic exhibition The Family of Man, composed by Edward Steichen, tries to explain mankind to man... » More

Distance from hotel: 0.3 km
The feudal castle of the 12th Century defined by its impressive size, the entire cityscape of Clervaux... » More

Distance from hotel: 0.3 km
Exhibition of documents, uniforms, weapons and informations about ... » More

Distance from hotel: 0.3 km
The museum has a collection of models of Luxembourgish castles and palaces.... » More

Distance from hotel: 0.5 km
The valley of Clervaux is dominated by the St. Maurice abbey... » More

Distance from hotel: 0.3 km
The church was built in in the years 1910-1912... » More

Distance from hotel: 2.8 km
Culture, adventure and sports and leisure... » More

Distance from hotel: 2.4 km
... » More

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